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Website Copywriting - Single Page Layout

For websites that need to say everything without clicking anything.

  • 8 hr
  • Starting from $874.5
  • Online

Service Description

Copywriting for the following single page sections: Mission statement ▪ Concise mission statement - 15-25 words What business does ▪ 1-2 paragraphs outlining who you are, what you do, and your point of difference – 200 words About Business (or Individual) ▪ Bio info encompassing who business/person is and its/their journey – 200 words Service offering & process ▪ Paragraph on the service offerings of the business – 100-150 words How it works ▪ Step-by-step process of service delivery and what clients can expect – 300 words Pricing structure ▪ Packages & pricing – 50-70 words Testimonials ▪ No copy required CTA ▪ CTA to contact/book – 5-10 words Contact form ▪ No copy required Total Word Estimate = 995 INCLUSIONS: - Industry & competitor research - Client consultation - Minor revisions OPTIONAL SEO PACKAGE (additional cost): - Keyword research & website copy integration Revision Terms: Minor revisions such as removal or addition of key words, small sentence restructuring etc. will incur no additional charge. Major revisions such as complete re-writes due to a change of mind or direction, the addition of sections of content not agreed upon or discussed, or any additional services not listed will incur additional charges to be stipulated/negotiated at the time of the request. Revision Timeframes: Minor revisions will incur no additional charge providing the revision requests are made within a 2-week timeframe from receiving the first draft. Delayed revision requests can drag out deadlines and disrupt other projects. As such, revision requests received more than two weeks after the initial draft is provided are charged at $85.00 ph.

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